Gorgeous House Plans for Homes Built Into a Hill

There are previous studies of the terrain carried out by professionals that determine the characteristics of the soil in which it is going to be built. This is the case of orographic studies. As well as topographic surveys, graphic representations of the terrain that determine the shapes and details of a terrain. In this sense, it details the leveling, levels and slopes of the land. As well as the aspect and orientation of the same. With these studies, the feasibility of house plans for homes built into a hill project is also clear, so that the total safety of the project is guaranteed. Respecting the environment is directly linked to the conservation of the native vegetation of the area, seeking the minimum destruction of the natural habitat.

Additionally, it is possible to determine existence of certain protected species in area. As well as environmental impact that project could entail and that should be part of planning process. Challenge for current architecture of proliferation of sloping houses has meant that selection of most optimal constructive solutions must be taken into account to enhance building and adapt it completely to environment. If conventional architecture would try to solve an orographic disjunctive adapting environment to traditional plant of a building. Nowadays they opt for much less aggressive solutions, such as fact of using pillars to overcome unevenness and achieve a traditional level plant.

Steel structures that levitate, several staggered levels supported on concrete foundations. Or non-use of moldings and excess waste can be architectural alternatives perfect for this type of buildings on slope. It is a very common mistake to build house plans for homes built into a hill to place common areas on top floor. Because it is where there are greater views. However, and although each case will have to be assessed in particular. Most of time it is worth sacrificing a few meters of view and placing common areas on ground floor in connection with garden.

An outdoor lounge, garden tables or just a couple of sun loungers make more sense and more use if they are placed in immediate relation to the living and dining spaces. This basic rule is not respected many times. Because the good views are on the first floor, however, you can always leave a studio room on the top floor to enjoy the views. The interior is set on the basis of wooden shelters, allowing the family to enjoy the natural landscape and enjoy the outdoors on the terrace of the house.

The development of house adapts to slope of place in three levels. Internal structure is done without divisions to have more amplitude in all spaces. There is no specific function for each space of house, maintaining a casual style and a flexibility that allows stay of several guests. On other hand, all roofs are covered that extend to terrace of house. The structure is a combination between retaining walls made against slope and construction of wood for volumes of house.

In this project pine wood has been used both externally and internally together with oak wood for windows and furniture. The orientation of a project is as important as the fact that the structure is protected to the maximum from the wind or the sun, as well as in terms of the use of natural light. Playing with the terrain also allows to enhance the views, and create a building integrated into the environment with great beauty house plans for homes built into a hill. Because a structure must not only be integrated into the medium in which it is located, but also blend in with it.

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